Bina Sharif, Arts International, "Back" -

"FRANK a 1966 tragedy starring Frank O'Hara (brilliant Adam  Wennick) starts to unfold," "This part of the evening was my favorite.  Beautifully recited poems by Adam Wennick as Frank were very touching and soulful."

Thomas Burns Scully, Onstage, "Twelfth Night" -

"The most fun, however, is being had by Maggie Lalley and Adam Wennick as Maria and Toby Belch, respectively. The two play together brilliantly and have a Scherbatsky/Stinson-esque chemistry between them."

Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles, "Back" - 

"The night I saw it the first piece was Frank based on poet Frank O’Hara’s life, Adam Wennick beautifully recited poems by Frank and Joe LeSueur.  This piece was touching and effective in teaching a piece of history I did not know."


Daniel Lee,, "BacK" - 

"Adam Wennick’s Frank O’Hara is similarly intriguing; he inhabits the poet’s being with a mysterious, brooding poise."


RichardHinojosa, NY Theater Now, "The Internet!: A Complete History Abridged" -

"The cast, Callie Rose Hanau, Timothy Thompson and Adam Wennick, is second to none."